Does Eating A Lot Of Sugar Cause Diabetes?

eating sugar cause diabetes

eating sugar cause diabetes “Does eating a lot of sugar cause diabetes” is a very popular question among people with diabetic history. Diabetes is a commonly occurring disease all over the world and a matter of concern for one and all.

Diabetes of course has got a lot to do with sugar, and diabetics are always advised to stay away from sugar. But, whether eating a lot of sugar leads to diabetes or not, is still a matter of discussion.

Does Eating A Lot Of Sugar Cause Diabetes?

Diabetes as a Genetic Defect

Some people believe that diabetes is a genetic defect and has nothing to do with eating sugar. Recently, a lot of researches have been done on diabetes and researchers have arrived at the conclusion that excess sugar intake does lead to diabetes.

We all need energy to survive, and that is why we eat food. The food that we eat is broken down further to give energy. All the fats, carbohydrates and proteins present in the food are broken down to glucose. The glucose is then absorbed by the blood and carried to different cells of the body. The glucose level in the blood has to be controlled; the excess glucose present in the blood makes it difficult for cells to absorb it. It’s a vicious cycle between the amount of glucose present and the absorption by the cells.

Pancreas is the organ which regulates the glucose level in the blood. If, the glucose present in the blood is more than what is needed, then the pancreas has to function more to secrete insulin to convert extra glucose into glycogen. So whenever we eat sugar rich food, our pancreas has to over exert to compensate the glucose by secreting more insulin into the blood. The extra glucose present in the blood is converted into fat and stored.

Obesity Invites Diabetes

eating lot of sugar cause diabetes

The other way of looking at it is that excess sugar intake leads to obesity. When there is excess fat in the body, then insulin stops functioning efficiently as the body becomes insulin resistant. So, the other reason for diabetes due to too much sugar intake is obesity.

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Sugar Rich Food Should Be an Occasional Thing

The organs give up only when they are made to function beyond their usual capacity. So, indirectly eating a lot of sugar does cause diabetes. The best way to deal with diabetes is to keep the weight under control and eat protein rich diet. Pastries, chocolates, cakes, sweets etc. should only be an occasional treat.

Diabetes is of course preventable provided you start worrying about it at the right age. People need to burn enough calories after a heavy or a rich meal which is again a rare thing these days. Also, in most of the cases diabetes remain undiagnosed for very long.

People with a sweet tooth need to be extra careful about checking their sugar intake. For them, the natural source of sugar is the best to satisfy the urge for eating something sweet. Of course, fruits especially dates serve as the best option for them.

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