Do you want a better looking smile


How do you feel when some one compliments you, oh you have a great smile?
You feel great right? Your smile can win millions heart. And your smile is defined by shape and colour of your teeth. Stained Teeth can be repulsive and give you a big complex. Most often youngsters suffer from this. It’s good to see when someone is carrying white and beautiful smile with shiny teeth.

For all those who suffer silently from the big complex and not open enough to tell your dear ones, you can secretly treat your problem. Here are some home remedy recipes.

. To get rid of stains you can go for mixed of baking soda and hydrogen peroxide toothpaste. Mix them and use regularly. Walnut is also a good source of removing stains. You rub your teeth with it regularly.

For whitening you can take bicarbonate of soda 5 minutes before brushing the teeth with normal toothpaste.

One of the natural ways of getting white teeth is by rubbing strawberries daily and it not only makes white but also removes stain. It has got dual process.

Besides that, you can apt to crest night effects whitening gel, which removes stain while you sleep.
This can yield your result within 2 days but you should continue for 14 days and you will get perfect whitening.

Major component of bleaching teeth is carbamide peroxide. It breaks down to the widely used chemical hydrogen peroxide. For instance 3% of hydrogen peroxide is broken down by a solution of 10% of carbamide peroxide and so on.

Carbamide peroxide teeth whitening gel is sold at 13.00 dollar to 45.00 dollar. This fast acting kit works quickly and effectively. It also maintains your safety. This product comes at affordable price. So, smile is just the matter of taking care.