Do You Think You Are Given Less Attention In Your Friend Circle

Are you suffering from inferiority complex? Do you feel that you are given less attention in your friend circle or when you are with your good friends? When you are at your friend’s party and she has a special guest in the evening, she has introduced him to everyone but not to you. It hurts right?  When you are clicking group photo and you are always asked to stand behind.  How would you feel and that too she is your supposedly best friend?

Well, they all seem painful but you must search for the ways to get rid of that. Feeling inferior is a big disease. Never ever let it develop in you. Don’t give it a chance to stay.

Believe me each one is God’s magnificent creation and we all are given equal talents. It is all in mind. Just because you are not good looking doesn’t mean that you are less than the rest. So what if your friend has refused to click picture or introduce to her boy friend. These all are kiddies and immaterial. Think positively. You are not alone in this race. There are many who go through such circumstances. If you look carefully, you will find this in every person. Look at good and plus points in yourself. Don’t compare with what others do or have.

You may suffer from inferiority complex because you never ever really tried to peep through your inner strength. Always compare yourself with the one who is lower than you. This will make you feel better. You know being in this disease can cause psychological trauma. Practice meditation every day. This will enhance your mentality.

Don’t mingle up with some one who always gives you negative vibe. Don’t hate them either. The best solution is to feel happy.