Do you know What Testosterone is


testosterone Anabolic steroids are made from testosterone.  Testosterone is a male hormone.  Once scientists were able to understand how the hormone worked, they created chemicals to enhance the anabolic effects such as building muscle. As a result, steroids were created.

Most steroids are made from plant compounds known as sterols.  For years scientists used the wild yam plant as the main supplier of sterols.  This is because steroids and sterols have similar characteristics at the molecular level.

As a matter of fact, cholesterol is grouped in the same category as steroids because the body uses cholesterol to make hormones naturally.  Steroids, sterols and cholesterol all have a steroid center.

By adding or removing a couple of atoms, plant sterol can be transformed into an anabolic steroid or chemical hormone.  Oral steroids pose a greater danger than injectable steroids because they are able to make it through the digestive process.

Soon athletes began taking steroids to enhance their performance.  The first known signs of athletes using steroids occurred at the 1952 Olympic Games in Helsinki, Finland.

Here event organizers found syringes in the athletes’ changing rooms.  As the fitness supplement market grows, steroids are still the most widely used drugs to increase muscle mass.

Steroids build muscle by quickly converting protein into muscle.  Amino acids are made up of nitrogen.  When nitrogen levels are low in the body, the body begins to burn muscle as a source of energy.

Steroids work to keep the nitrogen levels up which enables protein synthesis.  Athletes who use steroids are able to train for hours without losing muscle.

While you may want to build more muscle and enhance your performance, take a closer look at steroids.  Because they are derived from testosterone, they have many side effects.

People who use steroids can develop acne, lose their hair and become easily enraged. One of the most humiliating side effects of steroids is known as gynocomastia, also referred to as “bitch tits”.

Steroids include the female hormone estrogen to help break them down.  Many men who use steroids may develop breasts much like women.

Sometimes the swelling in the breasts will go down if the person stops taking the steroids.  But in other cases drugs or surgery are required to reverse the effects.

Women who take steroids can become more masculine.  Their voices may get deeper, they can grow excess facial hair or even worse, develop masculine-like genitalia.

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  • paul walker

    I was a little skeptical when i first read about the DR MAX POWERS TESTOSTERONE BOOST (supplements), since I’m not a huge fan adding to much “unknown” to my diet., and since I am super healthy.

    After using 1 bottle i exploded in energy. I had some problems increasing muscle and bulking up on my biceps and chest for a few months, but after taking this for 3 weeks i increased my lift by 30%, more intensity, more focus and just an overall good felling day around.

    I have had no real side effects. The only thing i might mention is that you can get a aggressive a little easier than before. But if you use it in the gym or to work out and not on your fellow people, then i wouldn’t worry about it. Ohh, and yes, blood is pumping all day long, which can have the side effect of your “little friend” turning active at times you might not want him to 🙂