Do you know there is a difference between common cold and flu


Many a times we make mistake to mix up a common cold with flu. According to medical experts there is huge difference between them and they have thrown light on our dilemmas and misinterpretations. Cold is mild if compare with flu, it is an infection of upper respiratory tract and symptoms are sore throat, sinus pain, head congestion and a long grade fever. Its duration is from 3 days to 4 days maximum. Patient doesn’t get admitted in the hospital like flu. In flu patient becomes serious and most often they get hospitalized. The severity is maximum in flu. Asthmatic patients have high risk of catching flu. It becomes serious with these patients and older people due to their poor immune system.

Its winter time and it’s the best season for these two viral infections to get infected with any weak person. So, don’t be the best dwelling place for these health enemies. Throw them away before they take toll of your health by adopting these precautions. What are the best ways to prevent cold? Washing hands is the simplest way to prevent cold. Avoid shaking hand with infected person. Why cold and flu are common in winter because people prefer to stay in side the home due to cold weather. If its flu taking antibiotics will not suffice your pain, you need to get vaccinated. For cold there is no vaccine available, you can do away with simple tablets and by taking certain precautions.

One of the major problems we commit is that we go to office when we have flu. Medical experts have strictly prescribed that we are not supposed to go to office. It’s a communicable disease and it will spread to rest of your colleagues. Thus, when you are suffering you shouldn’t go to office or meet dear ones. Getting aloof and taking proper medication is the best way to prevent from spread. Flu is quite dangerous if you neglect it unlike common cold.

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