Do Not Take Your Relationship for Granted


relationship Relationship with your partner needs to be nurtured irrespective of the length of time both of you are together, be it several years or just months.

You need to add some spice or excitement to it in a consistent and conscientious manner. Don’t take for granted that the relationship will grow or last just like that.

Routine May hurt Relationship

Courting time and living together are two different things which is a fact couples must learn to accept. Works and attending to family matters particularly those related to finances will make you or your partners busy and tired.

This can be the danger for a lasting relationship. Have creativity and lubricate your relationship. Try to get away from routine wherever possible.

Delete Boredom

We all long for a holiday. But if the holiday takes too long we tend to feel bored. A relationship between couples is similar. In other words, boredom is sure to creep in when something becomes a routine or lasts too long.

You need to chase boredom away. You need to do something to make life new and interesting and even exciting. The couple has to work together towards this end with an effort and with imagination. The gist of it is to think partnership, never think of oneself only.

It Takes Two to Tango

Dedication and loyalty are important elements but not enough to make a partnership last. There must be intimacy, and that must be performed in an art form.

Never treat sexual relationship as a routine or a form of duty; treat it as an enjoyment for both of you and a time to put sense of togetherness to the fullest. When you are in intimacy with your partner you should not think of someone else.

The relationship will break up eventually if both or one of you always has that someone in mind in place of your partner. Partnership means two working together in cohesion, more so in bed.

Do Repair Work Immediately if Needed

Do not take a relationship for granted; you need to put in effort to make it work. Be on the alert if there is anything not quite right. Start making some sort of “repair” work immediately when you notice or sense something to that effect.

Do not wait. You have to amend the relationship when the light turns yellow, not until it becomes red. In fact, you can sense the danger when your partner does not show his or her usual affection such as kissing you on the cheek and not on the lips. It will be too late if your partner finds excuses not to meet your sexual requirement.