Different Types Of Tops For Girls

Meant to be decorative, stylish, fun, with vibrant colours, girls’ tops flatter a feminine body. In this article, let us look at some of the different types of tops available for girls. With today’s fashion market offering a wide range of tops with unique cuts and patterns, one can choose a top that is either sober or glamorous depending upon the occasion.

Types Of Tops For Girls

Ruffled Tops

Going by the current fashion shows romantic ruffled tops seem to have taken the world by storm and remain the current trend of the season. With their cute girlish charm, ruffles at the necklines add an elegant look.

Different Types Of Tops For Girls

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Girls with smaller busts who want to look plump may wear voluminous ruffles of one or two layers on a v shaped neckline. However, full-busted girls look best in small ruffles around the neckline and down the front.


The versatile tunic looks good on almost all body shapes. A loose fitting top that falls to the hip, these patterns have the cuts of the Indian kurti or the bohemian style. In harmony with today’s fashion, they look attractive worn with leggings or skinny jeans. Given their loose fitting shape, tunics make one appear larger, nevertheless, they manage to hide the bulge and give a slimmer illusion around the waist. Paired with an attractive waist belt tunic looks attractive on an hourglass shape.

Tank Tops

Girls’ trendy tank tops come with thin strips of strap that may be wide or narrow with ruffles or thin ribbons. These make perfect layering for winter months and are typically tight against the abdomen.


The halter-top with a tie back is a best option for party and eveningwear. Some of them come with a gathered neckline with adjustable tie closure.

Types Of Tops For Girls

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With straight hemlines and sleeveless style, they look good on girls with toned arms and slender shoulders.

Wrap Blouses

This top as the name suggests wraps gracefully around the front of the blouse and lends a stylish elegance. This looks good when worn with a smart pair of jeans.

Kaftan Top

The comfortable demure kaftans are suitable for most occasions. Be it a night, a day out, or an evening at the beach the kaftan teamed with the right outfit looks fabulous. A must have during summer; these make wonderful cover-ups worn over a bikini. They also look good worn with a pair of leggings, trousers or jeans. Some of them come trimmed with embroidered gold accents, beads and sequins, which make glamorous eveningwear.

Peasant Tops

The timeless peasant top with a vintage look is cool, casual and comfortable. With vibrant colourful patterns and beautiful embroidery, they make comfortable and stylish fashion additions to any wardrobe.

Tops For Girls

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Teaming a peasant top with a boot cut or skinny pair of jeans, worn with wedges or chunky heels make a chic fashion statement.

Baby Doll Tops

Irrespective of the size, baby doll tops give an illusion of an hourglass shape. Hugging the rib cage, the top flares at the bottom that help hide the unwanted bulge around the waist. A very comfortable top, they look best worn with a smart pair of skinny jeans or leggings paired with high-heeled footwear.