4 Different Types Of Chapati Recipes

Different Types Of Chapati Recipes

Different Types Of Chapati Recipes

Chapati also called Roti is a staple food in India especially in the Northern Indian states. Chapati is traditionally made with coarse wheat flour. It is unleavened flat bread that is rolled and cooked on a flat girdle. Chapati has a lot of dietary fibre. It is a complete health food; it boosts energy, builds stamina and helps in proper functioning of the digestive system.

The basic ingredients of Chapati are wheat flour and water. A little bit of salt is added to the dough to improve the taste and softness of the Chapati. Chapati is made with many other types of flour such as Maize Flour, Gram Flour, Refined Flour and Multi Grain Flour. Each type of Chapati is unique in its taste and flavour and you can make chapatis with numerous variations.

4 Recipes Of Some Popular Type Of Chapatis Or Rotis Is Given Below



Phulka is the most simple and basic form of Chapati that is eaten with everyday meals in almost every North Indian household.

Ingredients for Phulka

Wheat flour 1 cup
A pinch of Salt
Water to make dough


Sieve the flour with salt in a large bowl. Make a soft dough using water as needed. The dough should be soft but not sticky. Let it stand for 30 minutes. Take a flat board; dust the board with dry flour. Take a medium sized ball from the dough and roll it with the help of a rolling pin.

Make a round chapati which should not be very thick. Put the chapati on a hot flat girdle, cook on medium flame. Turn the side when you see bubbles forming on first side; cook the other side till you see brown spots on the chapati. Remove the girdle from fire and with the help of a tong roast the chapati on both sides to cook evenly.

Smear it with clarified butter (Pure Ghee) on one side and serve hot with dal or curried vegetable.


To Make Missi Roti

Missi Roti

Add ½ cup gram flour with 1 cup wheat flour and make soft dough. Proceed as above.

Tandoori Roti

Tandoori Roti

Tandoori Roti is made with the same dough as for Phulka. It is thick and small in size. Tandoori Roti is traditionally baked in a clay Tandoor, but you can bake it in an oven or a gas tandoor also.

Makki Ki Roti

Makki Ki Roti

Makki ki Roti is made with coarse maize flour. Maize flour dough is made with warm water to make the flour more pliable. Generally Makki ki Roti is not rolled with a rolling pin but you have to pat it with a wet palm to make roti. If you want to use a rolling pin then add ½ cup wheat flour to 1 cup of maize flour to make soft dough.

Makki ki Roti is served hot with a dollop of homemade unsalted butter. To add variety in a plain chapati you can stuff it with different types of stuffing like potato filling, mix vegetable, radish, cauliflower, paneer, onion, spinach and fresh fenugreek. Stuffed chapati is highly nutritious and sustaining. It is a good option for a healthy and filling breakfast.


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