5 Different Hair Loss Treatments

Different Hair Loss Treatments

Different Hair Loss Treatments

Bald is not beautiful, so each one of us dream of a beautiful hair. A shiny and silky hair can go a long way in enhancing the look of any individual. Hair loss seems to be the most common problem affecting all of us. Symptoms of hair loss include sudden thinning of hair, a disappearing hairline leaving the scalp exposed, lots of hair fall etc. There are several factors responsible for hair loss such as nutrition, hereditary, disease, dandruff, hormonal changes, stress, medications etc. There are various hair loss treatments available in the market to reduce hair loss.

Tips For A Healthy Hair

For a beautiful and envious hair, here are a few tips:

1. Use the shampoo and conditioner that suits your hair.
2. Use a comb with soft and gentle bristles. Avoid rough handling of hair by brushing, combing needlessly.
3. Stress contributes for hair fall. Meditate to avoid stress.
4. Eat a balanced diet

Various Hair loss Treatments

Natural Methods Of treatment

Though hair loss is not curable it can surely be controlled through natural ways. Most common natural ways include

Hair Massage

Hair Massage

This form of treatment improves the blood circulation to the scalp and to the hair glands thereby reducing hair fall and supporting hair growth. Handling hair roughly can also contribute to hair fall.  Be tender to your hair and massage your hair slowly for a few minutes everyday.

Balanced Diet And Nutrition

Balanced Diet For Hair Loss

A common factor responsible for hair loss is lack of nutrition. Eating a healthy and balanced diet can enhance hair growth and prevent hair fall. Eating protein and vitamin rich food, drinking plenty of water, walnuts, food rich in calcium such as dairy products with less fat content ensures a lustrous hair and helps to prevent hair fall.

Herbal Oils

Tea Tree Oil For Hair Loss

Using herbal oils proves to be an effective natural hair loss treatment. You can try using various herbal oils which help in not only reducing hair fall but also thickens the hair and provides the much needed shine to your hair. Some of the herbal oils such as basil, tea tree oil, lavender oil, rosemary, jojoba oil etc. have good medicinal properties to stimulate hair glands and reduce hair fall.

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Medical Treatments For Hair Loss


Medication For Hair Loss

Hair loss treatments can be done through medications and surgery. Medicines are prescribed after diagnosing the cause for hair loss. In case it is due to a disease, medicines are prescribed to treat and cure the disease if possible. In case it is due to a nutritional deficiency, vitamin or other supplements are prescribed to treat the condition accordingly.


Surgery For Hair Loss

This type off hair loss treatment is generally done to treat permanent hair loss. This is done by hair transplant or by scalp reduction technique. Hair transplant involves removing plugs of skin containing hair and implanting it on the bald side of your head.

Scalp reduction technique involves removing a bald portion of the scalp and replacing it with hair covered scalp. These procedures however are painful and also costly. Infection and scarring are some of the side effects associated with these hair loss treatments.