Devil’s Swimming Pool


It has been called many things from the Devil’s swimming pool to the Infinity Pool to downright insane – it is at Victoria Falls in Zambia and it’s a natural occurrence every year. Hundreds of thrill seeking adventurers gather together at the site every year to challenge gravity and themselves.

It is a pool of water that gathers dangerously close to the rugged cliff and a 100 m drop into the rock bottom of Victoria Falls. To swimmers who come to test their skills, they jump in and let the water carry them to the very edge of the falls where they fight gravity to stay onto and not be carried away down the dangerous drop. For almost all of the year, any person that dares enter this area known as the devil’s swimming pool would most certainly be carried to certain death, but when the water levels drop enough, the rocky walls come close to the surface and form a barrier that prevents swimmers from being carried away.

Even children come and swim in this dangerous area with their patients waiting nearby, perhaps unaware of the ultimate danger that lurks only feet away from where the water flows. It is a site that draws people from all over the world, not only for the danger and thrill of swimming in the devil’s swimming pool, but also for the breathtaking cascade of water falls which create not only a beautiful scene to take in, but also a ear shattering sound as the 500 million liters of water daily cascade creating a spectacular rainbow effect.

Some people that like to live on the edge and test themselves find this experience the ultimate in risky fun. Others get into the pool and carefully stay a safe distance away from the edge. Whether you are one of the risk takers or one of the onlookers, this is sure a spot that will give you an experience you will not soon forget. The beauty and majesty of Victoria Falls has drawn people for many years and is fully expected to continue for years to come.