Destinations for Romantic Honeymoons


bahamashoneymoon If you are thinking of spending the perfect time with your partner, then you should be probably making plans for the best honeymoon together. Below you will find some ideas of how to spend the ideal honeymoon and a compilation of possible destinations.


The paradise offered by this island include pristine beaches, sun kissed panoramas, roofed hideaways as well as peaceful villages. Also, you can relax at the perfect spas located in the island or even experience some water adventure with snorkeling. The hosts will be extremely warm towards you and they will certainly create a wonderful atmosphere for their guests.


Lives in Rome contain something of the magical and ancient touch of the city. The crowds are noisy but exciting; the gardens are seductive, decorated with festive fountains, lady luck and classical mythology. A honeymoon spent in this city would also be a trip in the past.


This is the absolute city of light, where you will be filled with joy and jest. This city caters for all tastes, from the rustic to the refined. You can indulge into fine risottos or diving desserts, after having served a scrumptious meal. Also, you can do basically everything in this city from browsing through the Luxembourg gardens through going on sunset cruises.


This island is full of lush landscapes, huge sea mountains, rich rain forests as well as alpine meadows. The adventurous will certainly discover in this island the chance to visit the volcanoes and go for some nature explorations.


While India is home to the famous Taj Mahal, which represents a monument of love dedicated to an emperor’s beloved wife, you should visit India because of the variety of stories it has to present.

Art, culture, history, the elephants, India has to offer many memories in the years to come of your marriage. Your honeymoon can be spent on the wonderful slopes of Manali or on the wonderful beaches of Goa.


Historical settings, Bahamian Goombay, rocking nightlife as well as the calypso music can mean a lot for a couple during their honeymoon.

The villages are splendid and there is an abundance of culture everywhere in the Bahamas. You have the opportunity to live in a cottage by the sea to enjoy the maximum from the beach and the wonderful seaside.