Decorating the Children’s Room


Decorating the children’s room is, no doubt, an interesting task for every parent. Many parents decorate the room of their children themselves the best they can. It is suggested to involve your child also while decorating his room. Ask your child about his ideas, give him some guidelines and let his imaginations flow.

You can try the following tips to decorate your child’s room:

Walls: You can cover the walls of your child’s room with a wall paper of his/her choice. Most of the children like blank walls to scrawl on them. For them easy-to-wash paint is the best option.

Bed linens and pillows: use bed linens and pillows featuring your child’s favorite cartoon characters, alphabets, animals, and flowers etc. colorful things attract children easily. While buying the bed sheets, curtains etc for your child’s room, keep in mind the colors your child prefers.

Furniture: Furniture in children’s rooms should be such that it makes their room different and child friendly. Kid-size chairs, sofas; castle-shaped beds and other furnishings specially designed for children are easily available these days. Children specific furniture in a child’s room not only makes the child feel important but also makes him/her responsible in handling things with care. Furniture in children’s room should be unbreakable and have smooth edges to avoid accidents.

Photos & Pictures: Photos and pictures also play a significant role in decorating the rooms. Hanging a large size photo of the child on wall adds beauty to the room. Posters of cartoons, animals, toys on wall give a nice look. You can keep a family photograph on the side table along with table watch or alarm cock.

Other accessories
: Children’s rooms are incomplete without toys, soft-toys. Most of the children like to sleep with soft-toys around them. You can buy a large-size teddy bear and keep it on the bed. Purchase a cartoon hanging of your child’s choice and hang on the door of the room. Charts of fruits, flowers, animals can also be pasted on the wardrobe. On the ceiling, you can paste stars which shine in the dark.

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