Decorating Pooja Room


A Pooja/Worship room is very important in an Indian home. Most of the houses in India are provided with a room or place for the god wherein people regularly pray. The Pooja room decoration must be very simple. The characteristics of a Pooja room are brightly colored paint and a wooden door that has been carved.

Traditional ‘Rangoli’ is drawn at the door entrance. You will find a number of photographs and pictures of various gods are arranged in an orderly manner on a platform or rack. In addition, smaller photographs are fixed on the walls. Many items required for worshipping are also kept in this room. Ideas for decorating a Pooja room are given below.

Directions for Pooja Room

As per Vasthu, as well as the Indian Science of Architecture, a north-east direction is the ideal location for the Pooja room. Prosperity, wealth, mental peace and happiness in a home can be achieved if you locate the Pooja room in this direction. You should not locate the kitchen, store room, etc., in the north-east corner of the house, as this has to be used only for the Pooja room.

The location of the Pooja room must not be below the staircase. Also, a toilet should not be located next to the Pooja room. The ground floor is the ideal location for a Pooja room and it should not be located in the basement.

Ideas for Decoration of Pooja Room

•    Use lightweight pictures or idols for decorating your Pooja room. Photographs should be framed with chrome or silver, whereas you can have idols made out of clay but painted in attractive colors.

•    The idols may be decorated with miniature garlands using pearls and colorful beads.

•    It is advisable not to hang bells inside Pooja room. The carved door meant for a Pooja room has see-through sections that are small. Normally these sections are provided with small bells and these bells produce a melodious sound at the time of opening or closing the door.

•    Place one traditional lamp before the idols and photographs; this can be positioned in the centre of the room. You have to place two wicks that are facing west and east and light them.

•    Use silver plates for keeping Pooja items such as camphor, flowers, incense stick, sandalwood, utensils for water etc.

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