Deal With Acidity Naturally During Pregnancy

Deal With Acidity Naturally During Pregnancy

Deal With Acidity Naturally During Pregnancy

During pregnancy one can suffer from acidity due to hormonal changes happening inside the body. These hormonal changes as well as the fetal development that can put pressure on the stomach, can affect the digestive system, resulting into acidity.

In addition to this, eating meals at irregular time or consuming fried and fatty food items can result in acidity too. To deal with acidityone can adopt some home remedies. In case if the natural cures don’t work for you, take doctor’s advice before going in for any kind of medication by oneself.

To avoid acidity, one must avoid the intake of fried and fatty food products. If not able to resist, one can start by consuming lots of fresh fruits, followed by what one desires and each time try to reduce the quantity of such items. Eventually, one can avoid them totally.

Consumption of three meals in a day can prove out to be heavy for the digestive system. Hence, one should try to divide the three meals into six- seven meals a day. Try to engage oneself in mild exercises like a daily 20 minutes light walk.

fried and fatty food

This helps in digestion and prevents acidity. Acidity during pregnancy can also be cured by consuming cold milk at night, before sleeping. Food items with caffiene or preservatives in them should be avoided. Also, one must consume the food items that are rich in fiber. Fresh fruits and vegetables should be a part of daily diet of a pregnant women.

One must avoid alochol and smoking during pregnancy and must not consume acidic food items like pickles, vinegar, etc., so as to deal with acidity. Equal proportions of ginger and coriander, when consumed can effectively relieve one from acidity.

cold milk

Coconut water can also relieve from acidity. Consuming one- two glasses of water early in the morning can keep one away from the acidity. Also, one must consume lots of fluids in the form of water, juices, etc., for the overall fitness of the digestive system during pregnancy.

Consuming food items rich in carbohydrates, like rice, are easy on the digestive system and do not lead to acidity. One can also avoid sour food items, onions and red meat during pregnancy, so as to prevent acidity.