Dating Was Never So Easy


Okay, feeling nervous before entering into the dating spree that you have been looking foreward? Whether a sense of helplessness mixed with anxiety is overpowering you, when you think of how to tackle the female population?  Stop acting and thinking like this. You can be that wannabe man for lovely women around you. You just brush up with the following set of rules before you venture out to have fun and enjoy those thrilling moments.

Remember a hard-and-first basic rule. You are going to ask her out only once. Yes you heard it right- only once. Never pursue the same woman again and again, when she gives you a reply ‘No‘ or “I am very busy“. Let me reveal a truth about woman. If she is interested in you then she’ll make herself available to you. If not, then dust off your hand and see other possibilities around waiting for you. In the meantime, she might develop some respect and admiration for you and change her mind too.

Never, ever come to your knee just to get a date with that pretty woman. I bet you will never get a chance if you act like this. The cardinal rule is, portray yourself as a manly man with self pride and esteem. A bit of humor can also be an added advantage. Never forget to surprises your lady. They love surprises. So don’t be predictable and don’t ever let her feel bored.

Now, let all your efforts bring its fruit to you on its own course. But, once you are out, be cautious about your further steps and behavior. Never let her feel that you are desperate, or clingy for sex. Rather assert your independence by reminding her that you have your own stand. Be nice, but never let her take you for granted.

Guys, articulate few things in mind about how you can prove to be a great lover. It’s not rare do that women complain that men hardly know the art of making love.   In today’s world, when there is sea of information regarding how to have good sex, how to satisfy your partner and many more. Explore them and please your woman. If all your effort fails, then best thing would be asking her straightly that what she likes. By asking this you will never lose your face, rather you can make a lot of women content.