Dating tips for guys


There is one ancient proverb that goes about the men being from Mars and the women from the Venus. This implies the basic difference in inherent perceptions of the two genders. Women are high on emotional and sensitive plane while guys, on a first date, may be looking for a practical viewpoint which may flop while attracting women. This feature brushes up on some basic dating tips for guys to attract women.


If you are the guy about to ask a girl on a date, the following comprehensive list of the tips shall come handy and you will return happy and confident, may be with a sweet promise of another date:

1. Prompt punctuality on the date is imperative:
If you arrive on dot for the date, the girl is bound to be impressed. You shall come across as a person of principles. You also give a signal simultaneously that you are really interested and look forward earnestly to meet her.

2. Patience pays:
Do not be in a hurry to rush the proceedings and take control. It is good to listen to your partner patiently, taking cues from her looks.

3. Shower compliments on her:
This shall reflect your sensitivity and good grooming. You may compliment her honestly on her looks followed by her dress and hobbies. Remember, a girl may see through a fake or undignified compliment.

4. Exhibit a genuine interest in what she likes:
It is advisable to let her talk about her passions in sports or other hobbies. Then after you get to know her, you may discuss your own but let her take the initiative.

5. Listen attentively to your partner:
It is essential that you lean a bit towards her. Your body language should be such that you should be calmly focused on what she says. Remember, girls are quick to see averted or distracted eyes.

6. Be confident, polite and courteous
It is always good to be on your best behavior. Remember, girls like chivalrous guys who dote on them and open doors for them.

Thus it is essential for the guys to have patience, not to rush the girl and make her comfortable preparing her for a good relationship of mutual care. You can be the best of the friends growing with each other sharing the daily activities and planning fun trips together. Allow the things to progress naturally without the anxiety of being rejected and you may just have unearthed a pot of gold coins at the end of the rainbow together.