Dasavatharam – hitting theaters now


The much hyped Dasavatharam is now ready to hit the Indian cinemas. A megastar Kamal Haasan appears in ten different roles, breaking the record for an actor’s portrayal of the most different characters whilst Asin Thottumkal in a dual role and Mallika Sherawat also play lead roles in the film. The film, which was under production since mid-2005, has Himesh Reshammiya as the music composer and Venu Ravichandran as the main producer. The film, made with a budget of 60 crore Indian rupees, is set to be released on June 13, 2008.

Kamal’s ten roles are those of an ordinary man, a traditional 12th century Vaishnavite called Rangaraja Nambi, a scientist, a 90-year old Brahmin lady who is a dwarf, an eight-feet-tall giant, US present George W Bush, a sardarji (who is paired with Jayapradha), a dark-skinned man from Tirunelveli, a Chinese martial arts expert and a white man who is a villain.

Everything associated with the movie has been given extraordinary care and no one but the best in the world have been involved with the movie at each stage. Take for instance Andy Dixon, the world renowned stunt choreographer who has to his credit films like Transporter 2. He is the man behind the reportedly huge stunt sequences.

Michael Westmore, who turned Jim Carrey into The Mask, is the one who has handled the make up department. Six hours a day for Kamal is what was spent only on make up to get the right look for one of the characters and it was 4 hours for Napolean and the levels of perfection can only be imagined. The visual effects, too, had an expert from Hollywood handling matters: Brayn M Jennings, an Oscar nominee.