Da Vinci Surgery For Prostate Cancer

Da Vinci Surgery For Prostate Cancer If statistics are to believed, Prostate cancer accounts for 30% of all cancers and most men are prone to it after the age of fifty. But, thanks to the medical research in this area, there have been tremendous developments in the surgical techniques used for surgery.

The latest in Robotic surgery is Da Vinci Surgery, a breakthrough development in surgical procedures. The Da Vinci surgical system was developed by Intuitive Surgical. A robotic assisted surgical system, Da Vinci system helps in performing complicated surgeries like prostatectomy, hysterectomy and Mitral valve repair. The surgery offers superior precision and excellent results.

The Da Vinci Surgical System

The Da Vinci system consists four major parts, each one holding a crucial place in the success of the surgery. The surgeon’s consol, hand controls for the surgeon to manipulate the robotic arms, the patient’s table which has four robotic arms with attached surgical instruments, a 3D camera for three dimensional view of the operation area.

The Da Vinci Process

The Da Vinci system is essentially a laparoscopic process with much more finesse and precision. The surgeon makes five small incisions for inserting the camera and the robotic arms into the patient’s abdomen. The 3D camera transmits high definition images of the area to be operated on to the screen.

Since the images are highly magnified, even minute growths and areas can be clearly seen by the surgeon. The surgeon now manipulates the robotic arms through the console which has pedals and joysticks for the operation. Due to the crystal clear clarity of the high definition images which offer a much more clear perspective as compared to a normal surgery, mistakes are reduced to almost nil.


The Da Vinci System has many advantages over conventional surgery. The exceptional clarity of the 3D images allows the surgeon to see clearly what has to be operated. The robotic arms are amazingly precise. The absence of tremor in the Endowrist system makes way for high precision in the surgical procedure.

Moreover, the surgery can be performed away from the patient which allows the doctor to sit comfortably at the console and concentrate on the areas to be operated which are enhanced through high definition images.

Due to the small incisions that are made for Da Vinci method, there is less pain, low blood loss, faster recovery time, less scarring and lower risk of infection. In the case of a prostatectomy, the patient’s urinary continence is recovered faster than traditional surgery.

Traditional surgery can sometimes damage crucial nerves and lead to permanent urinary incontinence and other sexual dysfunctions. Da Vinci method also reduces the rate of impotence and urinary incontinence due to the precision of the surgical method. Da Vinci method allows the patients to get back to normalcy as fast as possible.

Prostate surgery is complicated and requires the assistance of a competent surgeon even if it is a robotic assisted system. A combination of state-of-the-art technology, combined with the dexterity and expertise of a surgeon is the best approach towards a successful surgery.