Cutting a fringe

Cutting a fringe

Cutting a fringe

Fringes are a part of fashion. In today’s world, every hairstyle does have a fringe cutting at the front so as to make the style look more elegant.

Cutting a fringe does require a lot of study. It is not that anyone can carry a bang or a fringe. It has to seen whether the person who is going for a fringe cutting will be able to carry that style well along with their physique and style.

Fringes are generally good for people who have a broad forehead or a high forehead, since cutting a fringe would make that look smaller and would give confidence to that person.

high forehead

Always a thorough research must be made before going in for cutting, since once cut there is no use repenting or regretting since once cut, a fringe cannot be modified. It is always advisable to go for a computerised parlour where they would show how a fringe or a bang looks on your face and features and then you can decide upon going for a cut. This would be a safer option.

Before going for cutting a fringe it is very essential that the hair is tangle free. Choose the area for cutting the fringe and avoid hair that must not be cut by mistake. There must be equal amount of hair on both sides before cutting a fringe so that after the fringe is cut it must look balanced and good.

hair is tangle free

Be very slow while cutting the fringe since the length must be looked upon after every cut you make to avoid the fringe to become too short.

The scissors used must be a one that cuts hair. The normal scissors if used may not give god results.

damp hair

It is always advisable to have damp hair, not too wet not too dry before you go for cutting a fringe since dry hair may fly making it difficult for you to cut and wet hair may make your fringes get cut too short because of the stretching that may take place if hair is wet. Hence care must be taken that the hair is just damp and just correct so as to take the cut in a proper way.