Current happenings about Bipasha and John Abraham


In spite of all the disputes in the past claiming, Bollywood’s hottest pair was for a spilt as the reports were coming of Bips breaking her relationship with her macho man John Abraham, John had already clarified the matter saying it is now all healed! John’s brother Alan is going to get married soon in Romania. And as the occasion is indeed special, John expects his ladylove Bipasha Basu attending it and so strengthening the bond with his family.

The sexy actress though, likely to have very busy schedule and may not to make this to the wedding. But Bipasha has promised her boyfriend that she will certainly try to take enough time out of her busy schedules for attending the reception. The couple had formerly also plotted a holiday in Romania after the wedding, but Bipasha was suddenly over flooded with the offers those made her scheduling go really busy. Now these are some demerits of having a sexy and great actress, John!!!