Cosmetic Dental Procedures And Their Types

Cosmetic Dentistry types

Cosmetic Dentistry types A cosmetic dental procedure is usually a process that enhances and improvises the appearance of the teeth or gums of a person.

These procedures might or might not be responsible for improvising the tooth functions. A dentist is responsible for bringing smiles to people’s faces. And this is the main objective of a cosmetic dentistry procedure.

These dental procedures come to the rescue of all those people who are hesitant to laugh or smile because of the not so appealing teeth they are having. With the modernization in the field of medicine and dentistry field, the appearance of your teeth can now be made more appealing by several dentistry procedures such as teeth whitening, bleaching, implants, bonding and many more.

Types Of Cosmetic Dental Procedures

In order to make you more confident when you smile, the cosmetic dental procedures have been developed to aid you in your tryst with happiness. Following are some of the important procedures listed:

Teeth Bleaching (whitening)

One of the most resorted cosmetic dental procedure, teeth whitening has come to the rescue of many people who have the problem of stained or yellowish tinted teeth.

Cosmetic Dentistry

Sometimes, due to chewing of tobacco, drinking a lot of hot beverages such as tea or smoking the teeth become stained leading to unhealthy looking teeth. In those cases teeth’s whitening is done by bleaching the teeth at your homes as well as dental clinics.

Teeth Implants

Due to some mishaps in the early ages, sometimes a person might lose his/her teeth. But with teeth and dental implants, getting those teeth back is possible now. In this procedure, the dentist replaces the missing tooth surgically with a metal (usually titanium) device that encourages the growth of the natural teeth.

Bonding Of Teeth

For all those people whose teeth has been broken, damaged or chipped; teeth’s bonding is the procedure to go with.

Cosmetic dentistery

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In this dental cosmetic procedure, the dentist will fill the tooth with a malleable material, similar to the look, color and feel of the original surrounding tooth and will polish it to give it a natural sheen.


A better procedure than bonding, veneers makes the use of a composite or porcelain material which is placed on the top surface of the teeth which fills any cracks or the gaps in the teeth that bonding cannot perform. Crooked teeth can also be cured with the help of veneers.

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Cosmetic Dentistry

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This is a dental procedure also referred to as caps, which is custom made to get fitted to the person’s teeth after it has been built by the dentist according to your jaw. The material is fused with a kind of metal to enable it withstanding the biting pressure. Mostly this cosmetic procedure is used to cure badly shaped teeth.

Smile Makeover

An advanced dentist procedure, this requires the complete assessment of your jaw line and teeth so that the dentist can suggest you one or more cosmetic dental procedures that will enhance the appearance of your teeth and smile.

Advantages Of Cosmetic Dental Procedures

Such cosmetic dental procedures as listed above enhance your smile and appearance of your teeth and make you all the more confident. These procedures are so common today and being resorted by so many people that the cost of getting one is no more that expensive as it used to be. When spending a little money goes to such an extent as improving your personality then who wouldn’t go for such procedures!

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