Coping With Pressure At Work


Being under pressure is sometimes a positive thing.  It should not be viewed in a negative manner, as being under pressure has its advantages.  It helps keep us focused, become more organized, improves our performance, generates good ideas or even brings a real sense of achievement when we tackle and successfully overcome a new challenge.  Pressure should be seen as a challenge and an opportunity to improve oneself.

However, for most people too much stress and pressure has a negative impact on their behaviour, health and emotions.  Stress an adverse reaction to excessive pressure, though not a disease, often results in mental and physical ill health.  There are different reasons for negative stress, usually related to lifestyle, health, insufficient leisure time, too many ambitions.

There are different strategies to cope with stress and pressure.  Some of them are successful in certain situations, others fail.  Identify in advance stress situation and act early to minimize it.  Take time out to relax regularly, sleep properly, take breaks, monitor the state of your mind, manage your time, exercise, eat a healthy diet, find time for pleasure activities, celebrate your successes.

Till a few years back, the most commonly heard terms were blood pressure, brain pressure etc.  However, today corporate jobs pressure heads the list.  With corporate giants like Bill Gates Microsoft, establishing corporate houses worldwide, many Indians have come to be employed in multinational firms, working under deadlines and targets unlike government employees.  This has led to high work pressure amongst employees, who tackle heavy workloads, which leaves them with little time to relax or take a break.

Working in call centres on graveyard shifts, with incentives to tempt them to meet unreachable targets, leads to stress and a feeling of being unduly pressured.  The corporate culture leaves them no time for vacations or breaks, as cutthroat competition makes people sacrifice personal life at the altar of professional success.  A constant challenge, work pressure means satisfying client and employer expectations.

There many ways to reduce or cope with work pressure.  Begin by planning your day’s work, utilise breathing techniques used in Yoga practices refresh the body, help to relax and maintain your cool.  Make your work space pleasant and comfortable by clearing up the clutter.  Get a chair that supports the body and comfortable to sit in.  Prettify your work space with pleasant pictures, photographs and colourful objects.  Make friends with your co-workers for a happier working environment.  Think positive about your job and how to improve things for your firm, junk the negative.  Improve work performance to feel a sense of achievement and good about yourself!  In no time at all, you’ll have beaten work pressure blues!

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