Controlling Relationships: How To Identify The Signs?

controlling relationship

Relationships can take us on cloud nine and fill our lives with unlimited joy but at the same time, relationships which have gone sour can weaken our spirits and make us feel miserable. Relationships have a strong bearing on the kind of lives we live as they are an integral part of our social and interpersonal lives.

Maintaining a peaceful and successful relationship is not an easy task. It requires sincere efforts from both the partners. Healthy relationships are the positive force that drives us to do better in every aspect of our life and strengthens us emotionally. Constructive relationships keep us happy and contented.

On the other hand, when a relationship becomes unhealthy, it can ruin every aspect of our life and dampen our physical and mental strength. There are many reasons for a relationship to turn sour. One of them is when one partner is excessively controlling and dominating. It is not easy to identify a controlling partner in the beginning because on the surface, he/she seem to be charming and successful.

In fact the ability to lead and put forth his/her opinion seems as a charming quality and often we make the mistake of falling for this quality. The realization comes later when enough damage has been done on the person who is at the receiving end of a controlling partner.

Here are some tips to identify such people who have the tendency of dominating and controlling other people. Knowing the signs can help you to stay away or at least be cautious of such people. People who are excessively controlling have a habit of making others feel inferior so that they can thrive on the weakness of others and make themselves look superior.

Such people cannot accept opinions that contradict their perceptions. They are harsh and brutal in their judgment of other’s actions. They consider themselves as righteous and omniscient. They don’t have any tolerance for weakness. In reality, such people are weak and insecure from inside and put on a mask to camouflage their insecurities. They adopt a defending attitude and get enraged at the slightest hint of disapproval of their thoughts.