Control High Cholesterol-Prevent Heart Disease


As everyone knows high cholesterol raises the risk of heart disease, but what many don’t realise, narrowing arteries and high cholesterol also increase the risk of other health conditions. Did you know that high cholesterol also leads to:

Poor hearing
A new study finds people with high cholesterol can end up with tinnitus (ringing in the ears), including loss of hearing for high frequencies. However, taking cholesterol-lowering medication, often helps reverse these problems.

Impaired vision
Those with high cholesterol levels are twice as likely to develop retinal vein occlusion, which can lead to vision loss. This is a condition when one or more veins carrying blood from the eye to the heart becomes blocked, leading to bleeding, swelling and damaged vision.

Peripheral Vascular Disease
When arteries narrow and there is inflammation, this condition occurs producing pain and cramps due to inadequate circulation. Peripheral vascular disease can lead to many complications including poor wound healing, restricted mobility as a result of pain or discomfort, even amputation (loss of a limb). As well, the risk of having a stroke or heart attack is greatly increased.

High cholesterol also narrows arteries to the brain, as a result of which there can be complete blockage or rupture of these blood vessels, which can cause a stroke and, ultimately, loss of brain function or death.

Memory Loss
A recent study found that people who had high cholesterol levels when in their forties were 50% more likely to develop Alzheimer’s disease than those with low cholesterol levels in midlife.

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