Container Garden City Dweller’s answer…

Garden is assumed as the most beautiful place in the house. It is also helpful in maintaining the fresh environment of the house as well as it also gives the natural touch to the house. In order to arrange the garden in a different and a unique manner people try many things.

There are many types of gardens that give the precious look to your house. The most suitable garden for the people who cannot afford the big garden is the container garden. You can easily decorate the little area of your house with the help of these types of gardens.

The big advantage for these container gardens is that if the plant is infected by any of the disease or by some of the pest than you can easily remove or cure the plant without upsetting the other plants. You can also change the look of your garden simply by changing the position of the containers. In addition to that these container gardens are also helpful in decorating the house in the desired manner. Some of the measures which are helpful in decorating the house in the desired manner are:-

1.    The container or the pots of garden should have several holes and should be made by clay. This is the first thing which is to be followed by the people in order to decorate the container garden for their house. None of the pots in the garden should be made from plastic or terracotta. They are cheaper in prices but they are not helpful in the growth of the plants.
2.    Another thing which is to be kept in mind is that the deep as well as wide containers should be used for the different types of plants. These types of deep and wide pots will be helpful in the good growth of the plants.
3.    Soil used in the ceramic containers should be full of the organic material. This type of soil in the container will be mainly helpful in the better growth of the plants. This is because the organic soil holds more water and provides more nutrients to the plants.
4.    These pots should be placed in the correct manner according to the requirement of the sunlight to the plant. This is another factor which helps in the good growth of the plants.
5.    Proper quantity of manure should be provided to the plants according to their requirement. A time to time and a proper quantity of compost helps the plants to grow in the better speed. Moreover this will also result in good quantity of flower and fruits on the plants.

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