Considerable Side Effects Of Veneers


Veneers Veneers are used for cosmetic dental treatment.It is a small thin coating or filling of ceramic to make teeth whiten, regular in shape and similar to size. Dental veneers now days are so frequently taken place for a better and dazzling look with permanent effects.

Dental cosmetic treatment in the form of veneers has taken it so far to beautify numerous smiles. But this procedure contains some limitations along with particular side-effects. As a permanent beautification of teeth, veneers can affect the natural side through the treatment. To be more aware instead of the positive effects here are some highlights of negative effects of veneers.

Side Effect Of  Permanent Explication

Veneers are a permanent solution to teeth problems. So, misguided procedure can leave teeth with unending troubles. It is difficult to reverse the veneers procedure. A small work of cosmetic process if done improperly it causes harsh dental problem engraved under the permanent resolution.

Sometimes the problem gets uncovered immediately after treatment but some cases take time to come up. It is so important to check with the dentist and the dental condition before going to get veneers treatment.

Exposure To Tooth Sensitivity

While digging down the tooth for filling or scratching up tooth enamel for shape up process, there is a chance of mounting tooth sensitiveness. During the procedure sensitive part of tooth sometimes gets damaged and tooth gets exposed to sensitivity and it starts reacting over hot and chilled substances.

Tooth Sensitivity

The increased sensitiveness leads to unbearable pain and irritation. Veneers are not most of the time caused tooth damaging but it is necessary to be aware of this side.

Colour Dissimilarity With Veneers

It is always a point of concern when veneers get fitted. Difference between the artificial and natural enamel makes the whole look a mess. Artificial layers of veneers if fixed without proper care it can look sometimes luminous and sometimes dull due to the untreated moisture at the time of fixing veneers.

It also depends upon the colour of base tooth that the post result would be satisfactory or worse. Once attached veneers cannot be reversed so it would be a challenge to rectify the situation if found irregular. Smiling moment can be seized if dental colours recognise dissimilar.   

Dislodgment Of Veneers

It is necessary for a veneer attachment to get a proper placement. It tends to add comfort and firmness. A problem with dislodgment of veneers can cause gum damage, rotting under tooth, chipping and uneven base.

An uncertain edge of veneers can also cause cracks into the veneers treated tooth and further it may lead to pain and decay of teeth roots. The biggest problem mostly faced in artificial enamel fixing is loose veneers which get detached at the end. For a dentist, it is important to place veneers so firm to avoid such abject problem after a permanent solution.

Breaking  Problem Of  Veneers

Sometimes veneers get cracks because of mishandling. Bad oral hygiene leads the artificial ceramic to split up.  Some people doesn’t take a proper care of brushing and flossing and veneers treated tooth can easily be chipped and sometimes scratched after negligence. Eating or biting hard thing can damage the veneers from the edge.

Damaged veneers need to get repair and the procedure takes the patient through whole pain from the start along with loads of expenses. Moreover risks around veneers treatment are rare to be happened but these side-effects should keep in mind before going for a cosmetic restore of tooth.

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Rekha Upadhyay