Communication-a relationship skill


Communication is referred to as a person’s ability to talk and put across his ideas into the minds of the people. It is more often a convincing talk that makes a communication the best one.

It is very important to express and convey your thoughts to the opposite person to maintain any relationship. For maintaining the relationship of love, it is important to express your feelings to the other person through communication. Similarly to prove your value in the company where you work, it is highly necessary to communicate and put forward new views, ideas and opinions that may prove beneficial for the company. This in many ways helps a person’s growth in his career.

Thus without communication there is no relation. Poor communication may lead to many problems in anybody’s day to day activities. One of the very important things in life is to maintain a long term relationship with people whom we are with. This highly depends upon the kind of person you are and the emotional relationship you share with that particular person.

Emotional bonding is the key to many relationships. It describes the ability of a person to recognise, share and effectively transfer one’s feelings to the other. This emotional skill always acts as a base or foundation in our communication. The communication skill of a person helps him create a positive environment around him. It helps a person make new relationships. Communicating in the right way also helps a person to maintain a strong bonding in existing relationships.

It helps to understand people better and also to understand yourself better, since the numbers of people with whom you have a relationship will make you understand what kind of a person you are when you are in times of difficulty. The more people you have to stand by you at times of difficulty, the more strong and good relationships you have made because of your communication. Thus the number of well wishers around you is always directly proportional to your communication skill and therefore directly proportional to the relationship bonding between you.

In order to lead a good life with lot of well wishers to pray for you, improve the existing relationships, make more new relationships using your communication skills and excel in life.