Common Fashion Mistakes – Men

fashion mistakes for men

fashion mistakes for men Nowadays, many major retailers proudly feature a Big and Tall section right next to their regular-sized counterparts. A stylish suit jacket in a 40 regular can often be found in a 52 long or a 60 big. 

Men no longer have to ask for an extension of the hem or an additional pleat in the waistband. Sizes now regularly include Long or Tall or Big to indicate added dimensions. Most men who qualify for the Big and Tall department can now shop for the exact same fashions as their friends and siblings.

Another common fashion mistakes men is possibly the most commonly cited fashion rule, “Don’t wear white after Labor Day” is a misguided way to look at fashion. It’s hard to pinpoint exactly when this “rule” originated, but it s safe to say that this fashion commandment is not really applicable in today’s contemporary world.

This rule mostly applied to the color of your shoes, and because white is a light and bright color, it was deemed appropriate solely for the summer months, whereas black and brown shoes were the color of choice for the drabber seasons.

Short-sleeved shirts with a tie are one of the common fashion mistakes men do. Short-sleeved shirts don’t really project the right image at all and you should stick to long-sleeved shirts that are a safer, classier option. Wearing too many colors is also not good idea.

Limit each of your outfits to just one to three colors or shades to give you a simple coordinated look. If in doubt, find a color wheel online and use it to help you choose your colors and to avoid common fashion mistakes men.

common fashion mistakes for men

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Colors opposite each other on the wheel are “complementary colors”. Colors adjacent to each other are called “analogous colors”. When putting together an outfit, stick to complementary and analogous colors and remember: less is better.

On accessories: for jewelry, organic materials like coconut husk and animal horn are in; so are chunky trinkets to avoid common fashion mistakes men make. For sunglasses, the retro 60s futuristic colored rimmed frames are in. For watches, women wear men’s watches. For bags, the leather quilted look is in. On shoes, silver sling backs are in, and so are corked and wedged heels.

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Big and tall men must make sure that they leave enough length during the initial tying process in order to avoid common fashion mistakes men do. Shorter men may get away with a 60/40 division, but big and tall types need to plan on as much as a 75/25 split in order to insure a proper look. This means measuring out the tie to keep the inside piece relatively short and the finished front piece very long. Having a very short tie arrangement will emphasize bigness and/or tallness.

It is therefore, one should make sure you use a good tie clip placed low enough to keep the tie close to the shirt. To avoid common fashion mistakes men do, it is important to know that you may not be able to cover ALL of the buttons, but an ideal tie length should reach the waistline instead of the chest. Another important thing to keep in mind- make sure your shirt collar is large enough to accommodate a tie comfortably. Many big and tall men buy a dress shirt based on arm or torso length, not necessarily neck size.