Combating Rosacea – Natural Acne Treatments Are the Way to Fight and Combat Rosacea

rosacea treatment

It is very common in the people but only few know that it is another form of Acne.It may start in teen age and can be found more prominently in people between 30-50 years of age.  It can occur to anyone but is again mostly found on the oily skin. The main cause is still not known but like Acne it is non-contagious.

The face becomes red, more so the nose, cheeks etc. Sometimes, even the nose becomes swollen due to this. Small boils arise on the skin, which if not treated get filled with pus cells which are very painful. It becomes more aggressive in summers, when one does more exercise which causes sweat.

Like for most other diseases, the main culprit is stress. It is also believed that it is linked with nervous system, when the flow of blood increases and the skin is unable to take it, Rosacea occurs.

The face becomes red and other symptoms like burning sensation and bloodshot eyes become visible. Small insects like mites also start living on the skin, if the problem aggravates. These mites are called Demodex Follicillorum.

Treatment should immediately be given for this condition. Natural remedies are also known to be effective but dermatologist must be consulted in any case.

You should approach a dermatologist even if a single symptom of Rosacea appears because if left untreated, it can affect a lot. It can lead to the fall of eyelashes in extreme conditions. There is lot of itching on the infected part and it becomes very red.

Natural remedies like Aloe Vera, Apple Juice, Grape Juice and Vitamin B prove beneficial for this problem. Chamomile boiled in water and then chilled, when applied can sooth the affected area. Applying ice filled in muslin cloth also relieves itching.

This cannot be fully cured but proper medication can reduce it to minimum. Doctors prescribe some antibiotics and lotions which have shown really good results.

We can avoid this disease by de-stressing through various techniques like meditation, yoga etc and by taking proper diet. We should not use the products which contain alcohol.

Try to stay in during day and if going out is unavoidable, apply good sun screen lotion.

Always consult your doctor before taking any remedy as in this disease as we do not know what can aggravate the condition. Take care.