Colour Collectors And Neutralisers


Egyptians solved their hair problems with wigs. However, women today prefer covering up their grey with help from a wide variety of hair colour collections and neutralisers. With so many do it yourself products that have flooded department stores and drugstores, they have become their own hair colour experts.
The competition is intense and they can select and achieve a colour of their choice from numerous brands of hair colour collections and neutralizers. A look so natural looking and so sophisticated, it is hard to believe you created it yourself. Two easy steps and in less than an hour, one can achieve colour effects that dazzle with their professional touch.

A simple procedure, begin by applying base colour to the hair. Applied to dry hair, the protective crème-gel delivers deep, translucent and reflective colour in just 25-minutes, for a 100% grey coverage. Personalise with balancing highlights that complement base colour. All you need to do is apply highlight crème through strands of hair you wish to colour. While, a multi-tonal effect can be achieved by using a precision brush. The result is rich, beautiful, deeply conditioned hair without a single grey hair!

Similarly, hair can be permed at home without having to pay megabucks at the hairdressers. All you need is a perming product for curling the hair and a neutralizer to neutralize the actions of the perming solution. Coming in many forms, Neutralisers can be instant, or need to be mixed with water. They also contain hydrogen peroxide or sodium bromate, both of which strip hair of its colour and tend to lighten and fade it. That is why there are different kinds of neutralizers for uncoloured and coloured hair. If, you are going in for a home perm and have coloured your hair, check to ensure the neutralizer is not for uncoloured hair.