Coloring Your Hair in Pregnancy


Since, many centuries women are dying their hair. Today, people are becoming more concerned with possible side effects of products they used. Especially pregnant women are very conscious about their as well as unborn baby’s health. Concerns are raised from healthy diet, medical treatment to simple hair coloring among pregnant women. As hair coloring is totally linked with chemical, they think twice about the baby health before hair coloring. Hence, many pregnant women ask from their doctors that: Is hair coloring injurious to the health of their baby? So here we are going to talk about coloring your hair in pregnancy.

Well! Truth is still not concluded by doctors because chemicals that are used for hair coloring remain for long time. Hence, their affect on babies cannot be stated exactly. However, doctor state that chemicals present in hair coloring is harmful for human body to some extent. Thus, they recommend avoiding hair coloring in first trimester of pregnancy. Actually, first trimester is the most delicate as well as susceptible time where your baby can have birth defects. Hence, it is very risky period, thus one should take lots of precautions at this time. Therefore, hair colorings should be avoided at this time and it is better to stay away from dying at least for upcoming nine months of pregnancy.
Another alternative for your hair coloring during pregnancy is to streaking or frosting of hair. Since, chemicals in such procedures are only absorbed by your scalps and shaft remain untouched, very less chemicals are exposed through above techniques to your body, hence it is not harmful.
In addition, instead of going with artificial dyes and chemical based hair colors you can choose another route of vegetable dye or natural dye like Henna. As natural dye is chemical free, it is very safe and hygienic. However, natural dyes have no color variations like colors available in chemical hair colors.
Many physical changes occur during this time in women body; hence it may be harmful to use chemical products. As you are the only person who can take appropriate decision about your baby’s health, think wisely. Coloring your hair in pregnancy is still a matter of discussion; it is wiser to avoid such things during pregnancy.