Colon Detoxifying Diet

Colon Detoxifying Diet

The Colon lies at the end of the digestive tract and it performs an important function of absorbing and extracting water and salt from the solid wastes before it leaves the body. With consumption of unhealthy fast food items the body builds up on toxins and the colon tends to get overloaded which in turn pollutes the whole system and can lead to obesity and digestive problems.  Hence a clean colon is crucial for the body to function in a healthy manner and for effective elimination of toxins.

In order to keep colon clean it is necessary to get rid of all harmful toxins and wastes.  The process is simple, and does not require a visit to a doctor’s clinic. A detoxifying diet can do wonders to your health by keeping your colon clean and toxin free.  It is also inexpensive and can be incorporated in your lifestyle easily as the ingredients for such a diet are readily available at the nearest market and even in the vicinity of the kitchen shelves.

Essential diet: Food rich in fiber are very good in removing debris from the colon. Fiber rich food like flax seeds, oats, beans, peas, strawberry, apples, brown rice, barley, wheat, rye, cabbage, sprouts, cauliflower, and carrots should be taken.

Fresh fruits are a very important part of diet and can be consumed wholly or made into a juice. A glass of juice should be the perfect way to start the day and help your body in detoxifying and provide all the necessary vitamins, minerals, fibers and photo nutrients.

Fresh vegetables too, particularly the ones that are green in color are natural choice for such a diet. They can be eaten in various salads, and also taken raw or slightly steamed to retain their nutritional properties. But vegetables high in starch like potatoes should be avoided. Green foods that contain chlorophyll like wheat grass, alfalfa, etc are very good for colon cleaning. Further fermented foods like yogurt, kefir, and miso help in filling the body with some friendly bacteria which keeps the colon healthy. Herbs like ginger, bayberry improve blood circulation and also help detoxification.

Finally, water constitutes the most vital part of this process. Drinking plenty of water, usually minimum 6-10 glasses a day will keep the body hydrated and flush out toxins and keep one in continual good health.

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