College student sue Lindsay Lohan for stealing her fur coat


Washington: Hollywood actress Lindsay Lohan was found taking a fur coat without any owner’s consent and has been slapped with a law suit. The fur coat that belonged to 22 year old Masha Markova, was stolen by Lindsay from a New York City nightclub in January when both the girls had been partying there.

Markova asserted, in the papers filed in Manhattan’s state Supreme Court that Lohan took the $12,000 golden shear mink coat with no permission.

The fact that the Mean Girls star had someway taken the jacket came to light when New York college student, Markova, who was flipping through a magazine, saw a pic of Lohan wearing her coat.

“It was my coat. It was no doubt,” People quoted her, as telling the New York Post.

The club allegedly returned the coat to her in February, stinking of fags and booze and with a tiny tear in the inside layer.
There were no remarks from Lohan’s representatives on the lawsuit.