Coconut Magic – Part I


The versatile coconut is accepted as a health and beauty aid in many tropical countries. It conditions the hair, cleanses the body, and detoxifies the skin. Coconut is also a light moisturiser that decreases excessive oil on the skin. In fact, coconut in its various forms, such as, water, pulp, oil and cream is the best way to tone up your skin and make you look glowingly beautiful.

Coconut Oil For Cosmetic Purposes
Coconut oil is the best prescription for a smooth and clear complexion. Its small molecular structure allows foe ay absorption through the skin making it an ideal lubricant for dry, rough and wrinkled skin. Pure virgin coconut oil is extremely high in anti-oxidants that penetrate deep into underlying tissues of the skin. It prevents and protects the skin against formation of free radicals that make it lose its elasticity. Regular application protects the skin from developing ugly spots and blemishes caused by ageing and over exposure to sun light. Indeed, coconut oil is regarded as the best natural ingredient in skin lotions. It is routinely used in soap because of its incredible ability to lather even in salt water.

Nourishing Qualities Of Coconut Oil
Hair is often referred to as the crowing glory of a woman. In south India women attribute their dense, long, raven black hair and flawless complexion to the liberal use of coconut oil in their daily diet and beauty regimen. Coconut oil nourishes the hair from the roots and enhances natural and healthy growth. People with oily skin and scalp will find coconut oil is a great cooling oil. To use it as a treatment for oily hair and scalp, warm oil and apply it to the hair, especially the tips. Let it set several minutes and shampoo hair thoroughly after the application of coconut oil.

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