Coconut Cures


While, many of us love coconut water, including chutnies and other foods of which freshly grated coconut is an essential ingredient, there coconut also cures. With rich, medicinal properties, it can be used to eliminate anything from skin diseases to loss of hair. Read on to find out how best to use coconut as an alternative cure in our daily life.

Skin Problems
An external application of coconut oil relieves eczema symptoms. It also helps in fungal infections between the toes and athlete’s foot. As an under-arm deodorant, it helps prevent body odour. Coconut oil protects your skin and hair from sun damage. If, it is necessary to venture out into the hot sun, then apply coconut oil to your scalp as a protection from the harmful and drying effects of the UV rays and also do not forget to soothe your skin afterwards with a liberal application of aloe vera gel to which a few drops of coconut oil have been added.

Cure For Cracked Heels

Combine coconut oil with petroleum jelly (Vaseline) and apply over your cracked heels before going to bed.

Get Rid Of Dry, Flaky Lips
Dry, flaky lips can be rejuvenated with a liberal application of pure coconut oil.

Lighten Dark Elbow And Knees
Take half a squeezed lemon and pour half a teaspoon of coconut oil in lemon skin. Rub on dry and dark elbows and knees to help remove dark spots.

Eye Makeup Remover
Use coconut oil to remove eye makeup by gently applying it on damp cotton wool and delicately removing it with gentle inward motions.

Healthy Hair
Hair fall is one of the most common problems today. This phenomenon is triggered by pollution, impure water, stress, etc. Regular use of pure coconut oil reduces hair fall by 50%. Apply coconut oil before a hair wash to counter the loss of protein as a result of shampooing or washing with soap. Use coconut oil as a pre-shampoo conditioner by applying oil and massaging it into the scalp and leaving on overnight. Shampoo next morning for hair with a smooth texture.

Coconut oil applications also help cure dandruff problems and it is preferable to medicated shampoos. Coconut oil is the secret behind strong and healthy hair growth.