Clean And Soft Feet With Fish Pedicures

Fish Pedicures

Fish Pedicures One of fastest growing beauty treatments in the present times is that of fish pedicures. In this treatment toothless and small fish eat away the dead skin around the feet and make them smooth and soft. A fish pedicure gives a clean and fresh feel and look to the feet.

The fish remove the dead skin from the feet and clean them making them soft and supple. The treatment and its benefits have become popular all over the world and now spas and salons have added full body tanks to be able to provide the pedicure to its clients.

Its Healthier Than A Normal Pedicure

If you want to just pamper your feet or remove the patches of dead skin or treat any skin and foot diseases like psoriasis, the fish pedicure is the ideal choice for you. Gurra Rufa and Carpa fish are the ones that are used mostly for this treatment.

The major difference in getting a fish pedicure and getting a pedicure from a trained expert is that the fish will only eat away the dead skin whereas the consultant while scrubbing will remove the bad skin along with the good skin. Apart from pedicures there is also an option for manicures that is widely available.

The Gentle Fish

Many people have doubts if they will like fish eating away the skin. The fish are gentle and toothless and the feeling is very gentle too and there is no kind of pain. These fish are the kinds which will feed on algae otherwise and are absolutely harmless.

Gentel Fish

While getting a fish pedicure at a spa or salon the first thing that is done is that the feet are washed and dried and then one needs to sit in front of the tank. The tank is full of warm water and one has to soak their feet in it. The fish are there in the tub already and they start swimming towards the feet and find the skin cells which are good tasting food for them.

Before one leaves feet are washed and dried again. Depending on the condition of the feet a difference can be seen and felt immediately or sometimes a number of sessions will be needed.

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Some Important Tips

One has to take care that they visit a reputable and a hygienic clinic to avoid any kind of infections. Usually the good spas regularly change the water and then treat it with UV rays to ensure all bacteria and microbes are killed.The Garra Rufa fish are also known as doctor fish and they can survive in temperature ranging from 15 degrees to 43 degrees.

Know the Benefits

There are many benefits of a fish pedicure and these make it very popular. The biggest advantage of the same is that it is a chemical free way for dead skin exfoliation unlike most of the other techniques available.

It improves the blood circulation and relaxes the feet with acupressure and also helps in rejuvenating and growth of new skin. It also helps cure skin diseases like Eczema and psoriasis and lowers Blemishes and itchy skin.

They de-stress the feet and helps in complete relaxation.Care must be taken that feet are free from dust, dirt and body lotion when the feet are dipped in water. The technique of fish pedicure has become very popular in all parts of the world and is one of the cutest ways to get rejuvenating and radiant skin.