Choosing The Correct Nail Polish


That old saying: ‘You can always tell a lady by her hands!’ still stands true! You will only be taken for a lady if your hands are well cared for and maintained, despite the household chores you may have to do. And, manicuring your nails, buffing and painting them in pretty jewel tones will not only add to their allure, but also confirm your ladylike status.

If, you are overwhelmed, daunted by the wide range of nail polish colours and brands to choose from, stick to a few simple guidelines to make your decision that much easier and your nails absolutely fabulous. How does one choose the right nail polish? Does one match it to one’s wardrobe and what factors should be taken into consideration when choosing a nail colour.

If, you are smart, your choice of nail colour for work will differ greatly from what you should wear on a date. For professional environments, best stick with muted or neutral tones. Else, for a polished though non-attention grabbing look go for clear nail polish, holding off on colour all together.

In contrast, an evening party is a great time to experiment with colours you wouldn’t dare wear in strong daylight. This is when its time to paint the nails with golds, silvers, and bronzes. Or, you can get a bit more daring with tropical or bright colours for a date or dinner with the girls. Try dark, more intense colours for evening events. As well, when selecting a nail colour, keep the jewellery you are going to wear in mind. For example, don’t paint your nails silver when your jewellery is going to be gold.

Select nail colours according to your skin tone. Fair skinned people look better in lighter shades that have pink or blue undertones. Go for berry red shades of nail polish, lighter for the day and more dramatic shade for the evening. While, shades of russet and gold look truly great on women with olive undertones or darker skin. Dark skinned women are able to get away with almost any rich, deep or vibrant shade of nail polish, including vibrant reds and purples.

Another tip to remember when opting for a nail polish colour is to base it on your lipstick colour. If, you look great in red lipsticks, no doubt, red nail polish will look equally stunning on your nails! As well, take an inventory of what colours dominate your wardrobe and then match the colour of your nail polish to them.

As for seasons, go light with nail polish colour during the warmer months e.g. pale, translucent pinks and lavenders are more suitable for summer time. Keep colour trends in mind also when opting for nail polish colour. Here’s a general guide to help you out:

1. Berry reds for fair skins, as they nearly always have a bit of pink in them.

2. Deep burgundy or wine colours for medium skin.

3. Orange-reds, browns, or golds for olive or bronzed skin.

4. Strong reds, deep plums, or silvers for dark skin.

Your best bet to find the right nail colours that look good on you would be to experiment till you find your best colours! You’ll have a great time experimenting! So, go on and have some fun colouring yourself beautiful!