Child Sexual Abuse

The child sexual abuse refers to the physical maltreatment of the child whereby the abused children lose the trust which is the basic component of dealing with the relationships in the future. The abuser pounces upon the chance to be alone with the child. The worst part of the sordid tale is that the abuser in all such cases is generally known to the victim child. He is generally the part of the family as an elder cousin, maternal or paternal relative or even grandparents and fathers in few cases. Even a neighbor may see parents going out and announce himself. A deserted school compound might also have a letch of a teacher lurking to fondle the child.

There are two basic categories of sexual abuse i.e. mild and severe. Under mild category, coming close to proximity without the consent of the child and external folding, forcibly holding hands and fondling the child are included. Under severe category, pinning down and forcibly raping the child find way.

The ramifications of such brutal acts are enormous. The psychology of the abused children is completely shattered. The first reaction is of terrible guilt as they tend to focus their mental processes in such a way that they totally dissociate themselves from incident. That is why in the counseling sessions they are unable to recall the exact happenings and the face of the perpetrator. If the abuser hails from the family itself, you shall find the child completely avoiding the abuser, nervous, withdrawn and ready to bolt out of the door. In extreme cases like rape, complete nervous breakdown may occur along with the post traumatic stress disorder. The child may experience the vulnerability and the recurring nightmare with frequent intensities.

The therapy of sexually abused children is a must. Rather than chiding them for being lured by the rapist, the parents have an onerous responsibility to rebuild the trust of the child so that it may start school again or mix with friends again. Be there to hold the hand of the child so that you are there when nightmares recur to haunt the child. It is essential to attend cognitive therapy of the child and talk to the school counselor for talking to the child for overall healing

The need of the hour is to bridge the yawning gap between the parents and the children so that in cases of sexual abuse, the child may confide into the parents the minute any untoward abuse occurs. Remember, bringing a child in this world is easy but to win the trust of your child for lifetime is an area everyone needs to work on.