Child Parenting – Building Confidence in your Child


There are many issues in child parenting that need o be dealt with carefully. The different aspects of parenting would include providing the child with nutritional value to account for the physical needs of the growing child; there are survival skills such as communication skills, intelligence and interpersonal skills, which the child needs as it grows up to face the world; and there are factors of the subconscious mind such as self esteem, self efficacy and self confidence that have to be carefully inculcated in the growing child. Clearly, parenting is more than just the bringing up of the child physically.

The psychological aspects of child behavior have a lot of relevance to the fast changing society, where your child would have to deal with and overcome an increasingly complex competition from his or her peers.

One mistake that parents do in parenting is to be over protective about their children. If you are not among such parents, you definitely would have witnessed such cases where the parents and other elders would not let their child go through problems by herself. Rather, there are parents who would want to protect their children from all perils of life.

While this may seem to be a good option in the short run, you need to know that, in the long run, this approach would dent the child’s self confidence and leave him or her susceptible to psychological problems. It is important that the child is taught to face her problems and handle situations on her own as she grows up.

The simple rationale behind this is that, it is impossible for parents to be around their children forever. And it is child psychology that the child looks for someone to stand by her side when she faces a real world situation. When the child is accustomed to be assisted when needed, the child loses her self confidence.

Human behavior is fine tuned to pick up stimuli as they occur, learn from situations and respond to them based on past experiences. Self efficacy, the confidence to be able to deal with situations as they arise, could be built only when the child has been exposed to problems and let to find her own solutions.

Child parenting is about guiding and equipping the child to deal with life’s problems, rather than about protecting the child from life.


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