Child Modelling – A Rising Fad

Child Modelling - A Rising Fad

Child Modelling - A Rising Fad

Child modeling is gaining increasing popularity day by day. Initially looked down upon in Third World countries, it has now regained its foothold with precision.

Aspiring child models are seen lining up modeling agencies along with their parents to get that famous break for shooting a particular advertisement. Even schools have become a testing ground for the modeling companies who are on lookout for the best face that radiates as per their product.


It is well known that all work makes jack a dull boy. The schools amply encourage children to participate in modeling sponsored by the companies. The look out is for a boy or a girl who caters to their ad for soap advertisement, biscuit, bread, cola, cornflakes, nutritious drinks, home pc and video games.


Modeling starts from a very young age where you post the photograph of your kid to get the best baby face of the year award on internet. Simultaneously, the perks of being a famous child model (wining contracts from good companies yearly) are not only sound financially but may ensure breaks in bigger ads, reality TV or movies for the luckiest.


The hindsight is that the child loses its innocence and the stress that comes along with the perks is very difficult game. Kid feels guilty of letting down his parents in failure. Simultaneously, the child is also on edge trying to balance studies and modeling deadlines.

Combined with the pushy parents, an early burn out of the child model is imminent in most of the cases due to which bonding of the child and the parent also suffers hugely.


In extreme cases, the child model may feel constantly moody, edgy, nervous, anxious, irritable, alienated from friends and family, depression, suicidal and unable to handle the stress of hovering deadlines of the modeling assignments.

Thus it is only natural that the child modeling need not be given the only supreme consideration by the parents. After all, life is not only about winning but failure as well.

An ongoing education and earning college degree is as important as to be a child model. Parents must not thrust their lofty expectations on the tiny shoulders of their children who should be allowed to explore the world on their terms.