Cheap Vacations


Packing for traveling, sounds good but thinking of a expenditure can make a bit disappointment. The fun can’t be enjoyable if you go out and all the time you are busy in calculations. So be a smart traveler and make your budget before start your trip.

Then you planed for the basic transport like taxi charges, tip in the bar and in restaurants etc.

Dominic Republic
A well known place near Malibu island for its shiny beaches, crystal clear water, sultry tropical forests, mountain ranges that looks like Evian logo, all these setting up a scenic beauty in Dominic republic.

Visiting timings are November and February, when you don’t find much people around and very few chances for a tornado.

Extend over to the beach preferably in day time and in the night, move your body on the sexy beats of the bachata & merengue on streets during weekly parties.

One can find variable prices to satisfy his hunger. A budget traveler can find tasteful Spanish dishes with in the range of $2 – $10. He can also find his meals not more than $75 in an expensive restaurant.

For accommodation in Dominic Republic, all resorts & hotels give all-inclusive prices so that you can keep check on your expenses. Still if you are looking cheap prices, go for $40 night at Natura Park Beach Eco Resort & Spa. You can get five star facilities in hostel prices.

Morocco is the right choice to your tight budget visit, one of the city Souks is the most happening place to hang out. The superior quality leather goods like bags, pouches, ceramics, carpets and paintings can cost $60. Atika is famous for the nice pair of shoes under your budget like $50.
There traditional food beef with mashed potato can charge around $18 to $20.
There is very pocket savior guest house can be got in the charge of $100.

Thailand is place that can give a cheap, fun frill and most cheerful life for the visitor. The Thai government is recovering the damage time of tsunami disaster, by laying down the prices.

For the shopping you can go through the Damnoen Saduak market which is popular for it’s craft work and local made product, even silver jewelry can be got only in $8, tops and T-shirts can be charged by $ 2. And spend the day cruising the Andaman Sea for just $30.