Chakras; The Wheel Of Spinning Light


Chakra is a Sanskrit work which means wheel or a ring. The individual’s chakras or rings have energy looped inside them which are located along the spine and the head. They are the critical joins that decide the state of mind and the body.

The chakras tap the cosmic energy which is present in the humans and changes them into spiritual energy, which is spread by the body through the channels.

The types of chakras:-

1-    Muladhara, the root chakra: – it is the lowest type of chakras which is there at the bottom of the pelvis. A healthy and balanced mulandhara provides strong sense of security, rootedness and the feeing of being secure and comfortable in the world. To acquire a healthy mulandara, one needs to hold over the fear, keep the body fit and healthy and also maintain a balance in the material and spiritual sides of ones life.

2-    Swadhistan, the sex and identity chakra: – this chakra is present at the bottom of the spine. It means ones own home. This chakra is the centre of sex and pleasure. if the chakra is over active then the person is mad about sex and lives only for sensation. Reverse is the case when the chakra is under active. To keep the chakra in balance, one needs to work on the self esteem and use innovative ways to express the emotions freely and thus enjoy life.

3-    Manipur, the center: – this is located at the navel and its name indicates the city of jewels. Manipur deals with energy power and heat. For a healthy Manipur, one must try to find power within instead of trying to control or change others.

4-    Anahat, the heart chakra: – it is situated in the center of the chest at the level of the heart. It means a sound which is beyond the physical realm. When the chakra is in balance then the person is full of love and compassion. To have a balanced anahat, one needs to express the feeling openly and joyfully.

5-    Vishuddhi, the mind chakra: – it is in the throat and means purity. This chakra deals with the powers of the logical and rational. To have a healthy vishuddhi, one has to learn to be without judgment and criticism.

6-    Ajna chakra, the third eye: – it is located in the center of the forehead and means command. It is also known as the third eye chakra which when opened gives a power to see and control the whole chakra system.

7-    Sahasrara, the crown chakara: – it is the uppermost chakra and means a thousand petalled lotuses. It is often seen as a bright golden light over the head. People who have opened this chakra have full control over their lives.

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