Celiac Diet

Diet For Celiac Disease

A chronic digestive diseases in which a person is intolerant of gluten in his diet is termed as Celiac disease. Gluten in diet can lead to severe injury inside the small intestine of those suffering with this disease. Gluten is a common compound present in grains like rye, wheat and barley. Gluten is a very common ingredient that is found in a number of food items. In such a case a gluten-free diet is the only treatment for celiac disease.

Celiac disease has about 30 symptoms, many of which are completely unrelated to each other. Celiac disease can sometimes be also diagnosed as a Irritable bowel syndrome. Gluten is basically a protein that is found in various food materials such as cereals, breads, pasta and pizza.

Common people can eat the food items without any hazardous effects but a person who’s suffering from celiac disease can not do so. In case a person suffering from this disease eats such material, the body develops a strong reaction as soon as it detects presence of gluten in the diet. It is absolutely important or the sufferers of this disease avoid gluten in any form.

A range of gluten-free products are available in market. Celiac Sprue Association claims that gluten-free breads that are made using floor of white or brown rice or scratches from arrowroot and potato are available. Similarly gluten-free beer is also available in the market. The association also lists a number of processed food items that contain gluten in them. Such food products should be forbidden. Another important fact is that, although rice contains gluten-like substance, it does not cause or triggers any allergies or reaction and is absolutely safe to eat.

There is a list of allowable food items for those suffering from celiac disease. Hot and cold cereals that are made from allowable grains, rice noodles, potatoes and pastas made from allowable grains are allowed. Corn chips, potato chips, tacos and tortillas are also allowed.

Crackers made from milk, and allowable grains, plain yogurt, aged cheeses, pork, beef, poultry, tuna, eggs, legumes and plain nuts are allowed. Celiac disease sufferers can eat all fruits and vegetables. In case you’re buying frozen or canned vegetables and fruits make sure that they do not contain any gluten-containing additives. Celiac diet can contain almost all oils and fats including the table, butter, canola and olive oils.

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