Celebrities without makeup


The saying that nobody is perfect is an undeniable truth. This is very true in the life of the celebrities we see in films, on TV and in magazines. They appear to us very glamorous but behind their looks is a hidden ugliness that only they and a few who are privilege see.
The paparazzi have played a major role in this. With the current availability of very sophisticated yet small camera’s, that come in many forms like mobile phones, digital cameras and the like, the real lives of celebrities behind their glamour have been exposed to us. And we stand in utter disbelief at such ugliness. We see what celebrities actually look like.

What is ugly?
Of course, ugliness just like its opposite, beauty, lies in the eyes of the beholder. What is not appealing to you may be appealing to me. The vice versa is true. Ugliness for that matter is subjective. For example certain cultures, like American culture, are considered somewhere as ugly. Yet at other places the same is very appealing.

The question is how are they able to prevent such looks that hold all of us captive despite the hidden ugliness? A number of factors come to play.

Science and technology
The advances in technology and medicine have made it possible almost everything to be done. Not long ago a popular British newspaper ridiculed Americans for extending advancement in medicine to cover treating ugliness as if ugliness is a disease condition. That is one of the things that make celebrities out of ugliness.

There are a host of treatments today for such things as baldness, skin color change, sex change etc. It is believed that people who go for such are in pursuit of happiness. People can now desire how they want their bodies to look like and nothing stops them from getting it. Plastic and reconstructive surgery has made it possible for women to have the bust size they want. Silicon could be placed under the skin to create the desired effect.

Could there be celebrities without makeup?

Yes! It is possible and has happened before. Most people believed that the famous Julia Roberts was the right opposite of the role she plays. She does not possess the physical attraction that could appeal as beauty, yet she is frequently on the screens. People like that have force us to reconsider what we call beauty.