Celebrities and Their Crash Diet Plans


If you are dreaming of looking like a celebrity, slim and maybe with six-pack abs, shouldn’t you know the secrets of celebrity stars? It is all in their diet plans.

Your favorite model or an actress also sacrifices some of the food on the table in order to look slimmer. Let’s take a peek into these secrets.

A celebrity diet plan can be quite confusing to the average person. Each celebrity may have a number of diet plans, so let us at least understand a few of them. You must be aware of one thing – they all work as long as you follow the diet.

When you stop the diet plan and start indulging yourself with a variety of items, you are going to get back water weight. It is always better to shed the extra pounds through exercises, but then for speedier results you can go on a crash diet that most of the stars and celebrities use.

The well-known crash diet which the stars adopt is known as the grapefruit plan. When you adopt this diet plan, you are allowed to drink only grapefruit juice, and eat only grapefruits.

Forget about everything else, and stop attending dinners in star hotels. Follow a star and their crash diet of grapefruits. The technique is simple yet difficult, as you have to keep off from all the goodies.

So, you don’t want grapefruit plan – then go for the cabbage diet plan, which is equally popular among celebrities. It’s just like the grapefruit diet; you are prohibited from eating anything except cabbage.

Of course, it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t drink water. When you are on a diet plan, don’t forget to drink more than your normal water intake. Water is needed for increased metabolic activity.

Following a star and getting their kind of body is not a difficult exercise as long as you can really follow their crash diets. You will get back the flab once you stop.

A permanent shape up, however, requires a good exercise regimen. Exercising tones up your muscles, toxins are burnt and you will be able to feel fit and look great.