Causes of Cellulite


cellulite1 The causes of cellulite include

Genetics: Cellulite is most often inherited but it can be avoided if special care is taken.  This makes cellulite different from other inherited conditions which cannot be avoided like diseases or aspects of your personal appearance.

Low fluid intake: Fluids are essential for the body as they help remove unwanted substances from our body. All harmful chemicals, minerals and other toxic substances are washed out of the body with water.  So the lower your fluid intake, the greater the accumulation of poisonous substances in your body.  Each individual should drink at least six to eight glasses of water per day.

Poor diet: Eating oily foods, junk food, caffeine rich foods, spicy foods or consuming alcohol will over long periods of time lead to the formation of cellulite.

This is because more fat is produced, which traps waste in the body.  Even diets do not reduce cellulite.  In fact, diets cause more damage to those who suffer from cellulite than provide relief and help.  Irregular eating schedules and habits are not good for the body.

Stress: It has been well established that stress leads to several mental and physical problems.  Cellulite is one such problem.  When the muscles get blocked up with pain, the connective tissue that is meant to eliminate body waste also gets blocked.  This leads to the formation of cellulite.

Smoking: Smoking not only affects the lungs and heart, leading to cancer and other diseases, but it also damages and weakens the skin.  This facilitates the dimpling of the skin found in cellulite.

Medication: Taking too many medicines over a long period of time can damage the body and upset its ability to flush out toxins and function normally.  The body can also tend to retain water because of an enlargement of the fat cells. Some such medications include contraceptive pills, sleeping pills, diuretics and diet supplements.

Lifestyle: Exercising helps one’s overall fitness and improves health and wellbeing. It also improves blood circulation, reducing the risk of blockages in the system and facilitating the removal of waste.  This helps the individual avoid cellulite.

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