Causes and Treatment of Bulimia


Bulimia is a kind of eating disorder caused by trauma, depression, and the extreme desire to shed enough body weight to appear as thin as a model. Bulimia is accompanied by strong emotions of guilt, which results in vomiting.

More often than not, bulimic individuals are satisfied with the sense of isolating themselves from others, and they avoid much socialization. Bulimia is considered as a health crisis when it shows manifestations for at least two weeks.

Possible Reasons for the Causes
This eating disorder can be associated with anorexia. Most anorexics and bulimics tend to binge, purge or starve excessively. In most cases, bulimia occurs in adolescents who are experiencing social and emotional problems, failure, distress, family troubles and some major changes in life. Thus, a large number of mothers undergo difficulties in helping their daughters defeat such an eating disorder.

Several Signs to Consider
Here are several signs to keep in mind in identifying whether your daughter is suffering from this eating disorder.

One significant sign that manifests bulimia is a swollen face. You will definitely know that your daughter is suffering from bulimia if her face is bloated or inflamed.Another obvious indication is if her salivary and parotid glands are inflated. Parotid glands are located beneath the ear lobes.

Additionally, you would discover that your daughter is stocking up sweet foodstuffs in the house. Thus, she eats secretively and quickly. These are in no doubt positive signs that she is suffering from bulimia.

Gestures that signify unhappiness, worry and restlessness, are further signs of bulimia.

Ways to Help Her
Consequently, your daughter will need the most help she can get from you. And, by all means provide her with adequate assistance to relieve her from this tormenting disease. An effective way to do this is to encourage her to eat at a preset time to avoid too much starvation.

Make clear explanations regarding changes that may occur during her adolescence. Hormonal changes that may affect the figure are unavoidable, but pass after a period of time. Thus, you need to make the extra effort of assuring her that you will be with her in every step of the way.

Feed her a healthy diet that is adequate to ease her eating disorder. An adolescent needs to take in sufficient nutrients needed by the body and mind. An ideal diet consists of one third protein, one third carbohydrates, and one third calories. You can also include certain dairy foods and fruits in her meals.

Medical Treatments
The intake of antidepressants is effective in some ways, but its effects may only be temporary. Therefore, the best medical treatment for a bulimic daughter is psychological examination therapies oriented toward psychotherapy groups and cognitive and behavioral therapies.