Causes And Treatment Of Bed Sores In Skin

Causes And Treatment Of Bed Sores In Skin

Causes And Treatment Of Bed Sores In Skin

When a person is constrained to spend his time continually on a bed for a long time because of an injury or disease, or extreme obesity, he is likely to develop bed sores. Bed sores are usually the result of friction with sheets and sweat from your body, and the resultant moisture that occurs when an individual spends too much time on a bed. The parts of his body that are in constant contact with the bed are the hips, heels, shoulder blades, and elbows, and these are the areas where he gets bed sores.

Bed sores may lead to many disorders of the skin, infections and severe ailments like ulcers. If the bed sores are not treated before they get worse, the patient will be in constant pain. In extreme cases, people have died as a direct or indirect result of bed sores. Bed sores respond well to a number of available treatments. There are a number of therapies which can heal these sores. These treatments can be classified as follows:

aloe vera

Natural or Herbal Treatments: Herbal products like aloe vera are very useful in treating bed sores. There are other natural medicines, creams, gels, and ointments prescribed for topical application on the affected parts of the body. You should, as part of self-treatment, reduce pressure as much as you are able on the affected body parts. Try to keep these parts as clean and dry as possible. Sometimes, when the sores are bleeding or pus has formed, they should be covered with dressing or bandaged after applying medication.

Plenty Of Water

Dietary Control: When you are affected by this condition, you should ensure that your food is nutritious, with lot of minerals, especially zinc, and other nutrients. Consume plenty of water, and don’t let the body get dehydrated. This can be helpful in boosting the immune system of your body. Bed sores are a serious matter that you cannot afford to ignore. When you see the beginnings of a bed sore, consult your doctor immediately. Maintain a healthy and active lifestyle to avoid the conditions that may lead to getting bed sores.