Causes and Symptoms of Ulcerative Colitis


Colitis refers to the inflamed condition of the Colon. The main symptom of Colitis that you will experience is the frequent need to move your bowels. The bowel movement sometimes can happen even without your knowledge, and as such it can be quite embarrassing. The causes for this inflamed condition are not known and it appears to be a sort of autoimmune sickness.

The inflammation can worsen if it remains constant and continues for a longer period of time. When you continue to feel the need for increased and frequent bowel movement, which can even extend to twenty or more times daily, it is indicative of Colitis. Apart from this, you are also likely to suffer from cramps. As the cells in the Colon lining are killed, ulcers will result in the Colon track and you will start bleeding, which can be noticed through presence of blood in your stools.

Though Ulcerative Colitis can be brought under control easily, you may not have any kind of symptoms to suggest that you still continue to host the disease in your system. Unfortunately, you will only notice the symptoms returning to you when this condition tends to flare up.

Associated symptoms of Ulcerative Colitis include fatigue and loss of weight, because of the very frequent bowel movement, which is suggestive of the fact that you are unable to absorb the food completely. You will soon be overwhelmed by a lot of weakness and fatigue. In the event of a flare up, you may require complete bed rest. It is difficult but the situation may worsen, when you will be requiring support of the family members or friends, especially in case of flare-ups which can be really bad.

You may need hospitalization if this serious physical condition turns bad and sometimes there may be a need to remove Colon surgically. However, such situation is more of a rarity than a common occurrence. There are drugs to treat this condition. When you are diagnosed with Colitis, you should continue with the drugs prescribed by the doctor even after the symptoms have vanished and manage your diet effectively to avoid a recurrence.

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  • Rah

    This is useful and accurate information provided. I have been living with ulcerative colitis for 4 years and understand the importance of reading and following up on any information dealing with this autoimmune disease. Please continue informing others of this difficult disease, knowledge is power!