Causes and Remedies for Madarosis


Madarosis Similar to any other hair in your body eyelashes also fall. This is very normal and nothing to worry about.  Madarosis is the medical term for that and it is derived from a Greek word called “madaros”.It means bald. Inflammation of eyelids can result in Madarosis. Any allergy or infection can cause inflammation.

An eye make up, say for example mascara that is waterproof is the most common cause for the eyelashes falling. This is because it sticks like glue to the lashes and is extremely difficult to remove.

If you try to rub hard and remove, eyelashes will fall in clusters. Another reason for the eyelashes to fall is infection.  An infection called Staphylococcus aureus not only results in fall of eyelashes, but also makes them grow haphazardly. Syphilis and parasitic mite are also kind of infections that cause eyelashes to fall.

Hormonal problems can also result in the fall of eyelashes.  Hypothyroidism is an example of hormonal problem.  A hormonal change disturbs the metabolism and has a great effect on the structure and growth of the hair.

It affects the cell cycle; as a result the eyelashes become thin and tend to break more often.  Thus it will seem that the eyelashes are falling in clusters. Falling of eyelashes is an indication of thyroid problem.

Chemotherapy can cause loss of eyelashes. When cancer patients undergo treatment, they lose hair in the eyelashes just like any other part of the body. When the eyelashes start falling, first identify the cause. Once you have figured out the reason, take proper care so that at least the new ones that grow are long, thick, strong and healthy.

There is also stuff called eyelash accelerator which will make the eyelash longer and healthier. Lilash is an eyelash accelerator. Once you start using it, you can see visible results in two weeks.

Lilash has minerals and vitamins and it is generally good for the lashes. It helps no t only when the lashes are falling, but also when they are breaking off. People who have used this vouch for its results and they say they have thicker, stronger and healthier eyelashes now.

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